Thursday, April 28, 2016

April's almost over!

Journaling class tomorrow!  April flew by and realized that I haven't posted any of my pages and it was a busy month...

Well...Spring!  Where did you go?

Decided to do a photo page to remember Danielle's trip to Arizona and other busyness with the family.


Sometimes just a line from a magazine says it all.

"this and that"

I do like the plain painted background  highlighting the pictures and lettering.

Special days and ...

special quotes.

And I always like to fit in some nature into.  Photos I took of our Mallard locals.  I loved the one of just his head looking...

Special memories

And here, back to painting the squares for another "look"

Tiny watercolors...and a thought. here I was experimenting (may as well just go ahead and experiment in my journal, right?) rolling on the background with a brayer.  At first the paint color I used was too dark and so I went over it with white creating a lot of havoc, I guess.  But it's okay!

Again background too busy but okay for posting pictures...

The one above done is a lighter color that worked well.
Below,  not so, and one of my favorite quotes so will add maybe another color outline to the letters.

My friend, Mary Beth, sent this little quote to me and I loved it!
Describes everything perfectly! 

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Yesterday's Journaling Session

Sharing our March journal pages,
here's Lois




And then we worked on a Spring Grid to put into our journals for the month of April.
This one is Robin's




and Me

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Some of March...

I seem to enjoy doing the grid; along with a quote for the month.

And, of course, a memory of this time in my life...
and poetry homework!

And goings-on...

Memories of a fun day!

More fun memories and classes.

A little Spring collage.

We did some of these background pages in our journaling session and so decided to do another.

Had a few more notes to add to days already done, so donated another bigger space to them.

And on with the weeks.

Two mini watercolors done to the tune of Spring.

And some photo pages of family and friend days to remember...

Thursday, February 25, 2016

February is almost over...

I think of February as a short  month, but seems I had lots of journaling to do...

with classes going on and signs of Spring...

Added some snow to walk on in this one, as our last visit to the Lake was quite a cold day.

Quotes, doctors and things to do...

Valentine's Day and a Mary Oliver luncheon!

A pretty Valentine that I received.  Had to put it in my journal as the colors matched so well with the paint and tape colors I had used.

The Snowdrops were popping up at The Center and I'm seeing lots of birds singing for Spring!

and more doctor appointments, etc.  

Expressing YOU.  Thought this was a delightful page to create in journaling class this week.
Thinking of colors that represent you, a photo or image, and a word to explain it all.  
You know, I am enchanted with nature...