Monday, September 29, 2008

Busy days

Yesterday, Sunday, was the first get-together of our Artist's Way group. So nice to see some faces that I have never seen before. To put their words to faces.

Henri, a handful today. He knows the Bunny camps out in our yard at night and leaves something that resembles his dog food. What a time, chasing him before I can pick it up. When we go out in the early morning, Bunny's fluffy white cottontail is just flying through the fence. Oh no!

Is it time for bed yet?

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Done and delivered

"Tea Time" . Donated to the McCord House for their up and coming Black and White Fundraiser in October.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Early morning

The moon is so beautiful early this morning. It's a bright beautiful sliver, but I can see the entire orb so clearly, still showing off it's beautiful design. So quiet and looking down on us.

"Moon, worn thin to the width of a quill,
In the dawn clouds flying,
How good to go, light into light, and still
Giving light, dying. "

Sara Teasdale (1884-1933)

Friday, September 26, 2008

Oh my!

A hectic day here in the "nursery" today. Henri thinks he is the boss. He is a very good puppy all day, but has about two "out of control", wild and crazy, times a day. Just bursting with energy. Testing Timber. And Timber tries; he is such a good brother. After Henri runs around and causes trouble, he collapses and naps like an angel. He'll be 9 weeks old on Monday. Still a baby.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Drawing class today

Looking for inspiration this morning at art class, and not knowing what to draw, I finally settled on a still life of the "Children's Art" supplies. Not done, but it was interesting to me and colorful. I am doing it in pen & ink, and will probably use colored pencils. With missing last week because of bringing home the new puppy, it was good to see everyone and it's a beautiful day!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Back home and all is well.

visions of night

Danielle had a bad dream, the train whistle blowing, "grandpa" snoring, and through all this Henri slept all night...shhhhh. Oh no it wasn't a bad dream, she said. She was dreaming about balloons.

My collage class was today and we are working on Halloween and Fall themes. Everyone buzzing along.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

My gifts from the sea

Opening the package of the "Gift From The Sea" series, that I was so fortunate to purchase from Laura, made it feel like Christmas. Each piece so uniquely describes the chapter in the book that it was named after. Each one so beautiful. Each one giving a very spiritual feeling.


Cool mornings. yum. Open windows, coffee perking and Henri sleeps all night. I'm not getting much done during the day, but I am getting my sleep. A much appreciated thing. Today, I must finish the piece that I am donating to the McCord Gallery & Cultural Center's Black & White Event, name it, and frame it!

Monday, September 22, 2008

It's Autumn

"Lyric night of the lingering Indian Summer,
Shadowy fields that are scentless but full of singing,
Never a bird, but the passionless chant of insects,
Ceaseless, insistent.
The grasshopper's horn, and far-off, high in the maples,
The wheel of a locust leisurely grinding the silence
Under a moon waning and worn, broken,
Tired with summer." Sara Teasdale

Julie's friend, Linda, took some beautiful pictures of "Henri" yesterday.

A new week

Well, it was "meals on wheels" yesterday for Dan and Danielle. "Farley", Dan's oldest lab, has arthritis that is getting very painful. They decided to stay home with him. Julie and her friend, Linda, were coming to visit "Henri" and take some photos, so they delivered dinner to them on their way home. They were making "Jack" and "Sally" Halloween decorations, so I know they had a good day otherwise.

Today, a second vet visit for Henri, and for me - I will be reading up on chewing and biting.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sunday morning

Are we bonding? Sitting at the computer this morning and when I turned around to see where Henri ("Houdini") went to, this is what I found. A Sunday morning miracle. Not that Timber hasn't been nice. He has been extremely tolerant, but I can't say that he is thrilled with his new "brother". He wags at him and walks with him, but then he looks at me with eyes that say "is he leaving soon". Well, Henri watched "The Dog Whisperer" with me this morning and was very interested, so maybe he learned something.

We will have a nice Sunday dinner today. Mark's day off, and Dan and Danielle are coming over. I'm making my mother's recipe for Swiss Steak. Yum, with it's gravy, mashed potatoes, fresh carrots and homemade applesauce. I think Danielle will like chocolate pudding and cookies for dessert.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Kids did so good today! Two new girls in the first class too. They finished their "hands" drawing from last week and also the scratch art project. Then we did some melted crayon autumn leaves. A good day, and home to Henri.

It's the weekend!

Yesterday began with Henri's first visit to his vet. A healthy one. Back home, my friend Laura was coming over to share some art magazines with me and so I tried to clean up "the nursery" a little. Laura is someone who makes you feel comfortable with whoever you are, so I wasn't worried. Surprised myself and even gave her a glimpse at my untidy studio! We had a nice visit and she got to meet Timber and Henri. Having her "Gift From The Sea" collages in my home will be a lovely addition. Love the peacefulness of them, have admired them for a long time, and have always loved the book by Anne Morrow Lindbergh. Thank you, Laura.

Today is my second class of the first session of Children's Art at The Center. Danielle is still sleeping, Henri is morning napping, and now I need to go to the studio below and gather my supplies for the day.

Friday, September 19, 2008

"This water bowl isn't mine
But I use it all the time
I reach the things I couldn't
And lots of things I shouldn't."

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Didn't go to art class today as someone had to man the nursery and hubby had woodcarving. I baked two banana breads and sent him on. Thought I could get something done, but how come I just want to hang around with this puppy? He is doing good, with most potty and poopies being done outside (if I'm sure to catch him), and he plays vigorously and then naps a lot...but then I want to just sit and look at him. "Timber" is accepting him very well. He looks at me and knows I will come to his rescue if "Henri" is jumping at him or biting his feet. They walk along together in the yard and "Timber" just wags at him. You are a good boy, "Timber".

More "Happenings of Henri"

" I love to sleep on shoes."

Got some sleep last night too! The cage just wasn't working, so while reading "Golden Retrievers For Dummies" again, it says "It's a good idea to move the crate into your bedroom at night and next to your bed for the first few weeks so that he won't feel left alone." It worked! Timber laid next to him on the floor and I just said "everybody lay down now" and he did. Not a peep! One "poopie run" at 11:30, but back in the cage and back to sleep until 5.

Now to work on the chapter for biting fingers and chewing rugs.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Happenings of Henri

"I was looking for my mother."

"Is this her foot?"

The Happenings of Henri

Henri (Houdini) escaped from his cage last night! He had done the same thing earlier in the day and foolishly I thought that maybe I had not latched it right. So, after putting him in to bed at bedtime, making sure I had latched it properly, and hearing only about two minutes of complaints from him and then silence, I thought "oh, what a good puppy". Didn't hear from him all night and I began waking up, thinking "how can this be", "I hope he is alright", "is he stuck"? Was ready to get a flashlight and take a peek, when he announced himself at 4 a.m. Hurriedly, I got out of bed and went downstairs to praise him. Surprise! He met me at the stairs! And there were several "presents" awaiting me on the floor. "Henri! How did you do that?"

Monday, September 15, 2008

It's a baby puppy shower...

Welcome "Sunny Henri Matisse".

Brought him home yesterday after picking him up in Rochelle, in the rain. After consideration of many suggested names, I decided to name him after Henri Matisse. "Henry" was Julie's choice of names. After receiving his parents' pedigree papers, I see his grandfather was "Boomer Claude Monet" and great-grandfather, "Claude Monet Chandler". That cinched it! One of Danielle's choices was "Sunny", so i will add that, but the name he will answer to is "Henri".

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Rain, rain, rain

The plan was to pick up our baby boy puppy at the end of the month, as we were going to combine that with another little trip, but now our lady is delivering 7 of them to families and they are meeting in Rochelle today. We decided to go with that plan, instead of leaving him behind. The rain continues and I am worried. Will she get through okay? Will we get through okay?

Trying to read "Atonement" for book club on Tuesday and I can't concentrate!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

This week's puppy pix

Here I am!

I'm almost 7 weeks old now.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

snug as a bug in a rug...

I think he's staying.
Happy Anniversary to Julie and Rob. 20 years!

a day at home

9-11. Seven years ago.
My homework for poetry this time is to write the quietest poem you can possibly write. Today is a day for quietness and so maybe something will come out of that.

I'm home today, and the day at hand is still here though, and I need to make a list. Straighten house, clean "Freddie's" (alias "Jackie") bowl. All this quickly, so that I can get on to collage and crayons. Collages for next week's class. Samples for tomorrow's *Bookfair at Barnes & Noble. Final preparation for Saturday's kids art class at The Center. Catch up with "Artist's Way" reading. And in-between, quiet for that poem.

*The Log Cabin for the Arts is sponsoring a Bookfair at Barnes & Noble, 160 Orland Park Place. Friday, September 12 from 9am - 11pm. Present a voucher, available at The Center, or simply tell them you are from The Center, and The Center will receive 10% of your purchase cost. The art teachers and students will be demonstrating, performing, and displaying their talents all daylong in the cafe' and throughout the store.

Please support The Center on September 12th.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Had to take a picture of this lovely arrangement that was at the "opening" of the new log cabin yesterday. Wildflowers picked from the woods there. So simple. So lovely.

And a good collage class this morning! Seven enthusiastic and wonderful students! Now to put on my "thinking cap" and prepare ideas and samples for next week, so that I can keep up with them!

Who is that nibbling at my Purple Plum this morning?

Exciting news!

I am very excited! Looking at the Midwest Collage Society site, I see I have received an Honorable Mention for my entry, "Objet d'art" at the Indian Prairie Library Exhibit! I am honored. Congratulations to all! The exhibit will be up until Sunday, September 28. Go see!

Back to school

Yesterday spent the day making "serendipity" paper, which will be the beginning project of the collage session starting today. We will use this paper in our first collage piece. Afternoon came and dashed off to a little celebration of the final inspection on the brand new third log cabin for the arts at The Center. Back home with Danielle for leftover spaghetti and meatballs and "Jack".

Monday, September 8, 2008

It's Monday

It's Monday and the time for art classes to start is drawing near. Back to the drawing table this morning for more lesson planning.

Time out yesterday to make a big pot of spaghetti and meatballs. Dan and Danielle came for Sunday dinner and a movie after. "The Nightmare Before Christmas". Made in 1993, but "Daddy's" favorite movie and Danielle loves it. She loves "Jack". "Daddy" loves "Lock", "Shock" and "Barrel". An amazing movie written and produced by Tim Burton, with wonderful music by Danny Elfman.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

art and crafts!

Experimenting today, as I am getting ready for the kids' art classes that start next week. My head is buried in art books and my table is full of crayons, paint, India ink, markers and cardstock. Okay now...let the magic begin!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Report from the nursery

Besides getting our "Friday" photos, we were also treated to a little progress report on our boy. The breeder says he is a very sweet boy and loves to cuddle. (Perfect for the fall and winter weather approaching.) He was very brave at the vet and the vet fell in love with him, she says.

Everyone here seems anxious to name him. Since he is half golden and half standard poodle, we are thinking of maybe something "french". What do you think about "Henri" or "Louis" (L'wee)?

Friday, September 5, 2008

Puppy pictures!

I hear the geese go honking by this evening. What a lovely sound of Fall. ...and just received new pictures of our puppy! Six weeks old this coming Monday. What a sweetheart! "What's my name?"

Out and about

Marge and I took a ride out to Laura's outdoor exhibit today. A big display of all her wonderful artwork. You must go take a look! Then on to the Indian Prairie Public Library, also in Darien, for the Midwest Collage Society's "Alphabetica II" exhibit. A thoroughly enjoyable morning!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

A new season

It's fun! It's exciting! It's a job! Besides teaching my class on Wednesdays at The Center, I am now the children's art teacher for kids grades 4-8 on Saturday mornings there. Back to the "drawing board" finding ideas and making lesson plans. I just want them to have fun and like me. I want them to go home happy with what they've done.

And it's raining today! I love this all time of year. The air is cool and I see some leaves starting to change.

"The breezes taste
Of apple peel.
The air is full
Of smells to feel-
Ripe fruit, old footballs,
Burning brush,
New books, erasers,
Chalk, and such.
The bee, the hive,
Well-honeyed hum,
And Mother cuts
Like plates washed clean
With suds, the days
Are polished with
A morning haze."

John Updike, September

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

School Days

Yesterday was Danielle's first day at preschool. She's a school girl for sure! She loved it! Even with the surrounding sounds of crying little boys. Made herself at home and was made a "line leader". Today, her and Dan and I shopped for school supplies. She wanted the "shiny motorcycle black and pink Hello Kitty" one, but Daddy suggested the "pastel pink Princesses" one. She went for it! Oh Daddy!

"The foliage has been losing its freshness through the month of August, and here and there a yellow leaf shows itself like the first gray hair amidst the locks of a beauty who has seen one season too many." Oliver Wendell Holmes

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Yesterday's Labor Day

Julie's scarlet marigolds

Yesterday, Julie and I went to the Frankfort Fall Fest. Browsed around, bought a few treasures, had a brat and a citrus shakeup for old times' sake and that was that. It was so hot! Dripping hot! But...where were all the nasty yellow jackets? Some, but not swarms like past Labor Day weekends. It wasn't that I missed them; just a question in my mind asking what is happening now that is affecting even them?

We found a very pleasant pianist/composer, whose music soothed the sultry day. He is Bradley Joseph. He also has CDs to play for dogs, cats or birds when you leave them home alone. Hey, Doris! May be the answer for "Captain Destructo"! The CD that I bought is "the journey continues...", soft piano to calm, compose and renew. I must bring it to the next retreat at The Center.

Cleaned "Jackie's" bowl this morning and she was in a bit of a tizzy. After that trauma, I think she is sleeping. Her and I will get used to this. Won't we?

Monday, September 1, 2008


"By all these lovely tokens
September days are here,
With summer's best of weather
And autumn's best of cheer."

Helen Hunt Jackson, 1830-1885