Thursday, September 18, 2008

Didn't go to art class today as someone had to man the nursery and hubby had woodcarving. I baked two banana breads and sent him on. Thought I could get something done, but how come I just want to hang around with this puppy? He is doing good, with most potty and poopies being done outside (if I'm sure to catch him), and he plays vigorously and then naps a lot...but then I want to just sit and look at him. "Timber" is accepting him very well. He looks at me and knows I will come to his rescue if "Henri" is jumping at him or biting his feet. They walk along together in the yard and "Timber" just wags at him. You are a good boy, "Timber".


Uta said...

Good boy Timber.

Laura said...

What a great picture there April

butterfly woman said...

What a great story you are telling with words and photos. I would love to see one of Timber and puppy together. I can see why you'd want to be with him all day, what a sweet little teddy bear! Bet the Center people loved the banana bread. Yum, yum.