Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Happenings of Henri

Henri (Houdini) escaped from his cage last night! He had done the same thing earlier in the day and foolishly I thought that maybe I had not latched it right. So, after putting him in to bed at bedtime, making sure I had latched it properly, and hearing only about two minutes of complaints from him and then silence, I thought "oh, what a good puppy". Didn't hear from him all night and I began waking up, thinking "how can this be", "I hope he is alright", "is he stuck"? Was ready to get a flashlight and take a peek, when he announced himself at 4 a.m. Hurriedly, I got out of bed and went downstairs to praise him. Surprise! He met me at the stairs! And there were several "presents" awaiting me on the floor. "Henri! How did you do that?"


Robin said...

April, he is soooooooooo cute!! I hope you're taking lots of pictures! Sounds like Houdini is a good name for him!

Laura said...

Oh the early Puppy days
They grow so fast, enjoy it

sounds like I'm talking about a child, well our animals are something we care about are they.

love hearing about him

Doris said...

Sounds like a little blessing!