Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Yesterday, I spent the afternoon with my cousin and her family walking and talking around downtown historic Frankfort.  The bustling and busyness was beginning, as they are preparing for Frankfort Fest, but, for us, it was still a quiet afternoon and a beautiful one.  After wandering through several shops, we stopped at Mamma Rosetta's, at 3 Oak Street, for gelato.  Yum!  I loved the hazelnut!

Here we are at the end of our day.  Me, my cousin Diana, her daughter Dawn, and her husband Jack.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Tag Workshop

Last week was my tag workshop at The Center.  I had samples of ideas...

and everyone got busy.

We worked on several at a time, letting things dry in between.  Here are some of Donna's.

Lora Lee had some interesting backgrounds and design.

Papers and embellishments flyin'.

Lois did one of my favorite ideas; a round tag with this little bird on a branch.  Nice for a birthday or get well...or just a "hi".

Peggy was enjoying the images she had found.

Debbie had some ideas for the bottle caps.

Marge is using one of hers for a wedding gift tag.  Lucky bride!

Denise J used ribbon and lace in her lovely feminine tags.

Love Denise D's little houses!

Tags are fun!

Now I want to make some Christmas ones.....

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Some favorite places

While in Door County, it's a must for me to stop in at "Sweetie Pies".  Renny and Dave are two of the owners, and I have known Renny since my mom and I used to go up to Fish Creek before I was married.  Renny's Aunt Elsie and Uncle Andy owned The White Gull Inn and Renny's mother, Fran, baked all the cherry pies and played the accordian every evening at dinner.  It was a happy place!  Mem'ries...

And my favorite potter is Renee' of "Off the Wheel Pottery" in Egg Harbor.  I love everything Renee' makes.....and she sells my cards in her gallery!

Her cute little parking sign...

and here is Renee'.

Open for business.

Her studio and galleries...

Love that ivy!

Inside the pretty gallery.

and a hug good-bye till next year...

and a look at her always pretty flowers...

and flower fairies.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

and on.....

This is The White Gull Inn and their beautiful flowers that greet you on the way in.  Those flowers weren't there, years ago, when my mother and I used to visit the Inn on vacation but it was always just as beautiful to me.  In fact, my memories are best from then.

These days, it's a busy place in Fish Creek.  They have beautiful lodging and wonderful food.  We never miss having a breakfast there on our stay up in The Door.  The dining room is almost the same as it was when my mom and I used to stay there.

And across the street are the same paths and the same trees that her and I used to walk by.

And this is Ephraim.  It's like a storybook town.  So pretty.

I love being by the water and watching the boats.  Peaceful.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

On with more memories of The Door

Keeping some of those thoughts in my journal.

the "Hemlock".

Flowers down the path...

and the Pines.

Our morning Breakfast Basket with warm muffins...yum!

A glimpse, now and then, of the wild turkeys.

The tall sunflowers, so pretty against the blue sky.

Monday, August 20, 2012

my view

and on with my is the swing where I would sit to look across at the woods and a pond where, sometimes, I was lucky enough to have some visitors.

Beautiful deer.  They hear every sound, even the opening of my camera lens.

This little Bambi was playing in the water, frolicking and jumping up and down, entertaining himself.

And then off into the woods for the day.  I wished they would stay.

Colorful wildflowers.

And then there was the explosion of bunnies!  Flopsy...



They munched all day long...

and Peter.

I love how the light shown through their little ears; delicate little creatures.

and all their little cousins.  They munched and munched all day long.