Monday, August 20, 2012

my view

and on with my is the swing where I would sit to look across at the woods and a pond where, sometimes, I was lucky enough to have some visitors.

Beautiful deer.  They hear every sound, even the opening of my camera lens.

This little Bambi was playing in the water, frolicking and jumping up and down, entertaining himself.

And then off into the woods for the day.  I wished they would stay.

Colorful wildflowers.

And then there was the explosion of bunnies!  Flopsy...



They munched all day long...

and Peter.

I love how the light shown through their little ears; delicate little creatures.

and all their little cousins.  They munched and munched all day long.


Suz said...

oh you know the good things of life
love the bunnies and deersies

Gloria said...

You captured some beautiful shots! How sweet that you were able to see all of this so close. That view is so serene!