Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Our time

Enjoying some beautiful Wisconsin scenery and breezes this week. Seeing deer and I think there's an explosion of bunnies up here! I love hearing the crows too; they carry-on about twice a day! When having lunch at a very lovely restaurant in sturgeon bay the other day, I ordered the very special featured fresh locally grown summer salad. After taking a few bites, a very fresh and alive little lettuce caterpillar (or tomato worm) came wiggling out! Well,they were right. It certainly was the freshest, right? Oh dear!


Suz said...

you have to be kidding..faint

Suz said...


Gloria said...

I just got back from Wisconsin, been visiting with my sister and family. Very beautiful weather while we were there! We saw a bunny in her yard. I didn't get a pic though.

Oh my! about the worm in your salad! :/ The darn earwigs have been feasting on our apples,,,them and the Blue Jays. What will we do!!???

Happy Wednesday to you!

april said...

Not sure how to put pix on from iPad. Taking tons. You'll be on overload soon!

purplehatartist said...