Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Look how big the dove babies are getting!  Pretty feathers!

Again, pictures are blurry because I am taking them through a screen.  The windowbox they are in is narrow and I don't want to do anything to disturb them, so I'm afraid to take the screen out.

They're starting to fluff their wings and stretch and Mommy is getting squished sometimes.

But she knows they must try out their wings in there first and then soon be able to fly.

Every afternoon, when the sun is moving over the house to the west, she sits in front of them and shields them from the hot rays.  Oh, you are such a good Mommy!


Suz said...

oh my...soon they will fly out and be vulnerable...:(
but what a good mama
I loved the card...thanks April

nacherluver said...

Oh my goodness! They grew so fast! As all babies seem to do.