Thursday, August 23, 2012

and on.....

This is The White Gull Inn and their beautiful flowers that greet you on the way in.  Those flowers weren't there, years ago, when my mother and I used to visit the Inn on vacation but it was always just as beautiful to me.  In fact, my memories are best from then.

These days, it's a busy place in Fish Creek.  They have beautiful lodging and wonderful food.  We never miss having a breakfast there on our stay up in The Door.  The dining room is almost the same as it was when my mom and I used to stay there.

And across the street are the same paths and the same trees that her and I used to walk by.

And this is Ephraim.  It's like a storybook town.  So pretty.

I love being by the water and watching the boats.  Peaceful.


nacherluver said...


Suz said...

I'll wave in Sept when I pass by it on my way to Ellison Bay
I love that you and your mom had this memory....
I think every child needs a "place"
like this every year to visit...a summmer place...for the memory

Gloria said...

Very peaceful and lovely! How wonderful that you have the memories here with your mom. Thanks for sharing...:)