Wednesday, August 8, 2012

today's quilting workshop

A produce bag!  That was one of the projects for today's quilting workshop with Denise.  Here is Julie's olive bag; so cute!

And here is mine.  Veggies!  They have a mesh panel so that when you go shopping at the Farmers' Market, the produce can breathe.  We also started a project bag that is also so great and will show you when we finish it.


Laura said...

April, last year my oldest Stevie made me for my birthday produce bags...I get comments all the time about them from the cashiers at our local market/store...the thinner net ones are wearing out but the bags that are all made with the white mesh like in our bags is holding up great..only thing at the food store you pay for the weight so if the bags are heavier you end up paying more..but I sure will do that then have plastic bags all over the place. what a great idea in quilting class though.

april said...

Great idea, Laura, to make some stronger ones for the grocery store. This one will probably best hold green peppers and onions at the Farmstand. I know, I do hate those plastic bags and just the thought of all that plastic.