Saturday, October 31, 2015


Fun this morning playing with paper...
Happy Halloween

and finishing up my October pages...

a special day.

On to Journaling Session yesterday

Lois gave us a lesson in papermaking...
handmade sheets of paper for our journals!

Thursday, October 29, 2015

and continuing on with October Journaling...

The bewitching month is coming to an end...

Tomorrow is our "art journaling" get-together at The Center, so hoping to finish most of my pages.

 A beautiful month along with some mixed emotions.

 Highlighting Henri and his "Baby".  Baby goes with us where ever we are in the house.

The trees peaked!

The Edgar A. Poe luncheon at The Center

And oh...that Jupiter and Venus frightened me one early morning, like two glowing eyes.

Painting class and I forgot and used a fountain pen to draw the line drawing first and it wasn't waterproof...but it was fun!

not done, but trying again with the pen I should have used.

Collage class

Collage!  The beginning of a new session ...

Marge's lovely start.

We did some warm-up minis.


A great class; tables all over!

Marge continuing on...

Leslie, working on her colorful Autumn still life.  Adding some ink; mixed media!

Judy's interesting pieces evolving around her travels.

and me...

"From the river
I hear voices
Like souls abandoned
Curlews are calling..."

And we had a visitor!

A Woolley Bear caterpillar looking for his place to hibernate...

"Hello there"!

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Pumpkins and pumpkins!

Painting pumpkins!  First one in the back, I drew the outline in art class last week using a new fountain pen that I bought.  Forgetting that it wasn't waterproof, I got lots of unexpected runs.  Was fun though!  Something different for me.  This morning, starting a new one with my old regular micron pen.  Another thing I hadn't before either, doing a pen line drawing first; also fun!

Friday, October 23, 2015


Art class on Thursday and I just about finished my apple painting.  Meaningful subject to me, as the apples are from Julie's apple tree.

In the afternoon, we went to visit my cousin and her husband.  The trees were beautiful there...

and maybe some more ideas for artwork!

Monday, October 19, 2015

and on with October Journaling...

Things October makes me think about...

and my little witch chain silhouette.

Happenings of the month...the beginning of a painting, the Witches' Tea, baking, a mandala, and Danielle's birthday.

Plays, skulls and good books!

Grid and October poetry.

A busy week of creating: collages and creatures for books.

and my Halloween card!