Wednesday, February 29, 2012


She's a napkin! 

I am reading that "Artist's Trading Cards (ATC) or artist cards began as 'a collaborative cultural performance' in 1996-97 by Swiss artist, M. Vanci Stirnemann.  In response to elitist art critiques and commercial marketing of art, Stirnemann exhibited 1,2000 small artworks in galleries.  These tiny works of art measure 2-12" x 3-1/2".  Stirnemann used this small rectangle as a canvas and created miniature artwork.  He insisted that the cards should never be sold.  Rather, they should be made with the intent of being swapped, ideally for other artist trading cards, but also for mail art, zines, embellished envelopes, artist stamps, hand-carved rubber stamps and other ephemera."

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Getting ready

Tomorrow is the first week of my new collage session.  We are beginning with an ATC exchange.  Worked on mine all day, trying to get my thoughts together for the theme of Spring.

I chose a song out of a vintage children's song book, with the beginning words to the song going "tramp in a puddle".  Not that this beautiful butterfly goes with that, but i just thought she would be appropriate for an ATC and I think she is ready to swing, dream, climb, fly, play, breathe or tramp in a puddle!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Those little books...

Yesterday, we were invited out for dinner.  I was taking a bottle of wine for the hostess and, because I know she likes little books, I did make one for her and attached it to the bottle with a ribbon.  I think, now that I'm on the roll to make more, they will come in handy.  A good thing.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Lots to do!

So today I finally brought all my bins and boxes of valentine supplies downstairs till next year.  Boxes and bins...

and boxes and bins...

and bins and boxes. 

And then I wanted to work on the little books that I started and couldn't find them!  I thought "oh no" did I pack them away with the valentines?  Or did I whisk them away with some pile when I was moving papers all around?

Finally I found them!  So here is a little book that I want to make more of. 

I haven't decided what I want to write on the pages.  It's only 1-1/4" x 1-7/8".

And this is the one we are making in Marge's calligraphy class.  It's bigger and I have decided to letter a poem in it by Mary Oliver.

A poem that speaks of water and oak leaves.

So, first I'm putting in some papers that we created in class.

The ripples and waves on the cover and in these designs reminds me of water.

and then I hope I can use some of my watercolor leaves.  It's a book to me...

"So come to the pond,
or the river of your imagination,
or the harbor of your longing,

and put your lips to the world.
And live
your life."

Where did this week go?

Still putting away Valentine stuff...and decided to sort and leave out some pastel papers for the Spring Retreat projects.  My valentine ladies will never use up all the papers that I have in a hundred years!  Going to try to enlarge the little book we made a couple of weeks ago too, for journals for the retreat.  Will have to take pictures today of any progress, if any.  Sleepy.  Last night was "A Night to Linger III", The Center's benefit to raise money for camp scholarships.  A piece of my artwork was in the silent auction.  I see how it works now and hopefully, next year, I can do more. 

My calendar today says "All will be well".  On to my boxes and piles.....

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

an art date

Yesterday, some of us from our calligraphy class took a trip out to Munster to The Center for Visual & Performing Arts to see the exhibit of the Chicago Calligraphy Collective; there until March 4th. It was very inspiring.  I had many favorites and I always especially love the handmade books!  Beautiful!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

thinking Spring

Well as long as I still had lots of papers out from the valentine party, and made those "heart" cards last week, I thought I'd try some Easter eggs.  Began with putting together some papers again in strips of pastels.

Found an oval template and cut out some eggs that I will glue on cardstock to make cards.

Maybe an idea for the upcoming Spring Retreat?

A couple more things that were waiting to be finished.  Julie's paper from Valentine's Day needed an acrylic wash over the top...

Her bookmark and sleeve needed trimming and a ribbon...

and her card creation, from last year, needed the little bird to be glued on and the little buttons sewed on.  Okay, now we can really move on to Spring ideas.  February is dashing away and when I turned the page and peeked at March, I see the first day of Spring is one month from tomorrow!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Wednesday's class

Working along on my Canadian Fishing Resort, I'm adding grasses...

and leaves on the trees.  Almost done.

Barb's gorgeous and juicy abstract. 

Peggy's serene scene of Ireland.  Beautiful landscape; and I love sheep!

Teri's has a mysterious feel, with an antique piece of ironwork to add.

I want to walk down this lovely Spring stairway of Marge's.

Sandy's beautiful and lively beach scene, created after a photograph she took on her vacation in Florida this winter.  I can hear the waves!

And Bernie's wintery landscape, created from her photograph while cross-country skiing here in Illinois.  A calm winter day, but I can feel the chill!

And Denise's icy background for her penguin drawings.  He's happy!

Little cards

Papers are still out after Valentine's Day party! "I still must do something with the scraps", I said to myself.  So, I decided to make a "serendipity" paper, gluing many scraps down on a piece of cardstock with matte medium, just here and there and everywhere.  Then, a coat of the medium over the top of all to seal.

Then I turned the paper over and traced a heart design on the back, just anywhere, as many as I could fit on the page and cut them out.  I got this idea from a sweet and sharing friend, Karen.  Applied some glittering Stickles on all the torn edges of the different papers and they glistened!  Thank you, Karen!

Cut white cardstock, glued them on with gel medium, and voilla!

Little cards to use as "thank yous" for gifts.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

happy Valentine's Day

You are one of my nicest thoughts.  Georgia O'Keefe

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Valentine Party!

Valentines were made and ready!  Yesterday was my Valentine Party and thank goodness the snowstorm was not as bad as expected and everyone got here safe and sound.

Twenty-plus ladies arrived with their valentines to exchange, and their enthusiam to make more!

Lunch first (and I forgot to take pictures).  We had a Baked Potato Bar!  Toppings of Cheesy Broccolli, Chicken a la King, Chili, cheddar, colby, avocado slices, chopped tomato, chopped green onion, chopped green pepper, fresh mushrooms, black olives, spanish olives, sour cream, whipped butter and fresh limes to squeeze on.  Julie made dessert, as you see above.  Shortbread Hearts and Raspberry Swirl Mini Cheesecakes!  Yum!...and so pretty!

Angel's Valentines!  Beautiful Cookie Pops that she baked and decorated. 

A beautiful treat!

Then the paper began flying and we had an afternoon of making more valentines and creating fancy papers.

Lots of lively conversation going on...

and lots of laughs.  A warm remedy for a cold snowy day!

 Ooops.  picture sideways...but even Henri' got into the fun!

Pretty valentine flowers!

And wanted to show you the pretty banners that I bought from Creative Carmelina .  This one spells out WINTER

And this pretty snowflake one says SNOW.

Flowers reminding us of Spring...

...amid the SNOW.

And then everyone went home with their bagful of valentines.