Sunday, June 30, 2013

a new garden for Julie

Danielle and I were off to Julie's one day last week to see the new garden Rob put in for her...

very organized this year...

and everything's growing!


Missy wants to come out there with us and help find the bunnies...

and time for our little swimmer to take a swim...

Baby apples and I can't wait to taste the Crisp when they're ready...

Baby pears...

Even the birds planted Cilantro in the walkway...

Everything's bloomin' !

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Using stash!

I absolutely love string quilting.  Found this pattern in the June/July issue of "Quilt" Magazine.  I'm using what's in my "stash" of even little pieces of fabric.  You know, I don't throw anything away!  So, thinking I was being real smart with that, then my little ol' Singer quit on me and I had to go and buy a new machine.  Oh was coming, and I will have my old one repaired for a spare.  Love the new machine.  A simple Singer again, but all I want to do is sew straight seams.  Nothing fancy!

So now, I'm buzzing along and this was called "Spring Cleaning".  There's 16 blocks in this Star Square and it takes 9 squares like this to finish the quilt, so don't know where I'll put it...but it's fun!

Monday, June 24, 2013

After Laura commented on my last post, I thought to myself "why do I write about things like that?"  I do, always and forever, like to learn something about what I am seeing, places I go and people I read about.  But the sky?  I have always had a fear of the sky ever since I can remember.  I'm not sure what that is all about, but, on the other hand, my mother loved to look at the stars and planets, the moon and the fireworks in the sky.  So, I guess when I hear of happenings in the sky, I am drawn to them.  There's many things that I have and do that remind me of her besides keeping track of the moon and continuing to have "pink things" in my living room as that was her favorite color.  When I look for flowers or seeds to plant in the spring, I immediately head for the pink ones.  I must say I've gone on to other colors like yellow (for my grandmother), red (and my mother didn't care for red!), and white (for me; I love a white garden).  Anyway, just a funny thing to think about.  Why?  She was the most important thing in my world, the most wonderful mother anyone could ask for.  I think all it is, is that I'm trying to keep her around. I think about her all the time. Maybe it's good to write about this.  So, if I go off on a tangent about the stars or pink flowers sometimes, you'll know why...

Sunday, June 23, 2013

June's Supermoon

Was lucky to get some pictures of the moon last night as there weren't any clouds covering it, although today is the actual full moon day.  The Strawberry Moon, named for the time of year when spring turns to summer, the month of June is synonymous for strawberries.

A supermoon is where a full or new Moon phase coincides with the Moon's perigee, or closest point in its orbit to the Earth.  This full Moon is not only the closest and largest full Moon of the year; it also presents the Moon's closest encounter with Earth for all of 2013.  and .

Cloudy this morning, so can't get even a glimpse of it in the western sky. 

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Summer Art Week 2 today!

Today, we met at the Graue Mill in Naperville.  It's always a inspirational and peaceful place to sit and sketch.

A challenge, but fun to try!

The sound of the waterfall is amazing and keeps us company, just like music.

The morning went by quickly and it was time for lunch...

and critiques...

Lois always has wonderful things to tell us.

So long and thanks for another great time, beautiful waterfall. 

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Summer Art!

Thursday was the first session of summer art with Lois.  Each week, we meet somewhere different to sketch or paint and this week we were delighted to go to Judy's garden, one of our most favorite places every year.

There are so many beautiful things to look at and see, that it takes a while to just sit down and start!  Peggy found her spot and gets busy right away.

The cat says "come on, what's the problem?  I roam around here every day..."

so he just relaxes in the sun...

and purrs and snores.

I love this tree.  We all do.  It's called a "spirit tree".

It grows in all different directions; it's so interesting.

It's like it's telling you something...

so, of course I'm drawn to it and decide that's where I want to sit for the day...

And love this "Mock Orange" bush with those beautiful blossoms.

All too soon it was time for lunch and then the critique that we love.

Kim painted a lovely watercolor.

We all listen and learn.

Another beautiful watercolor by Luce.

I didn't get a picture of all the sketches and paintings and wish we could line them up at the end for a photo shoot!

Joan found a darling composition with a bicycle.

This is one of my favorite settings.  Judy's potting shed. 

It was such a nice that you wish wouldn't end.