Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Using stash!

I absolutely love string quilting.  Found this pattern in the June/July issue of "Quilt" Magazine.  I'm using what's in my "stash" of even little pieces of fabric.  You know, I don't throw anything away!  So, thinking I was being real smart with that, then my little ol' Singer quit on me and I had to go and buy a new machine.  Oh well...it was coming, and I will have my old one repaired for a spare.  Love the new machine.  A simple Singer again, but all I want to do is sew straight seams.  Nothing fancy!

So now, I'm buzzing along and this was called "Spring Cleaning".  There's 16 blocks in this Star Square and it takes 9 squares like this to finish the quilt, so don't know where I'll put it...but it's fun!

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