Monday, June 24, 2013

After Laura commented on my last post, I thought to myself "why do I write about things like that?"  I do, always and forever, like to learn something about what I am seeing, places I go and people I read about.  But the sky?  I have always had a fear of the sky ever since I can remember.  I'm not sure what that is all about, but, on the other hand, my mother loved to look at the stars and planets, the moon and the fireworks in the sky.  So, I guess when I hear of happenings in the sky, I am drawn to them.  There's many things that I have and do that remind me of her besides keeping track of the moon and continuing to have "pink things" in my living room as that was her favorite color.  When I look for flowers or seeds to plant in the spring, I immediately head for the pink ones.  I must say I've gone on to other colors like yellow (for my grandmother), red (and my mother didn't care for red!), and white (for me; I love a white garden).  Anyway, just a funny thing to think about.  Why?  She was the most important thing in my world, the most wonderful mother anyone could ask for.  I think all it is, is that I'm trying to keep her around. I think about her all the time. Maybe it's good to write about this.  So, if I go off on a tangent about the stars or pink flowers sometimes, you'll know why...


Laura said...

As Martha Stewarts say...."it's all good"

nacherluver said...

Lovely post April. Lovely.

Funny. I wrote about the sky just today!

I am more like your mother as I love gazing skyward. Allowing my thoughts to stir among the stars, my imagination to dance in the clouds, feels freeing to me.

The vastness of the sky can make us feel small and that may make you feel scared. If you look up and realize that you are a part of all that is above, why, then it feels like home and allows you to imagine the free feeling of floating away!

Your flower photos are lovely by the way! I bet your mom feels loved every time the wind blows stirring their sweet smell.