Sunday, June 23, 2013

June's Supermoon

Was lucky to get some pictures of the moon last night as there weren't any clouds covering it, although today is the actual full moon day.  The Strawberry Moon, named for the time of year when spring turns to summer, the month of June is synonymous for strawberries.

A supermoon is where a full or new Moon phase coincides with the Moon's perigee, or closest point in its orbit to the Earth.  This full Moon is not only the closest and largest full Moon of the year; it also presents the Moon's closest encounter with Earth for all of 2013.  and .

Cloudy this morning, so can't get even a glimpse of it in the western sky. 


Laura said...

Thanks April for all this great information.

nacherluver said...

Was so bummed. Was looking forward to some super moon gazing only to be cloud covered for days. Not even a peek. Drat. Thanks for the share from your neck-o-woods!