Saturday, June 15, 2013

Summer Art!

Thursday was the first session of summer art with Lois.  Each week, we meet somewhere different to sketch or paint and this week we were delighted to go to Judy's garden, one of our most favorite places every year.

There are so many beautiful things to look at and see, that it takes a while to just sit down and start!  Peggy found her spot and gets busy right away.

The cat says "come on, what's the problem?  I roam around here every day..."

so he just relaxes in the sun...

and purrs and snores.

I love this tree.  We all do.  It's called a "spirit tree".

It grows in all different directions; it's so interesting.

It's like it's telling you something...

so, of course I'm drawn to it and decide that's where I want to sit for the day...

And love this "Mock Orange" bush with those beautiful blossoms.

All too soon it was time for lunch and then the critique that we love.

Kim painted a lovely watercolor.

We all listen and learn.

Another beautiful watercolor by Luce.

I didn't get a picture of all the sketches and paintings and wish we could line them up at the end for a photo shoot!

Joan found a darling composition with a bicycle.

This is one of my favorite settings.  Judy's potting shed. 

It was such a nice that you wish wouldn't end. 

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