Saturday, August 4, 2012

Thursday's summer art

This past Thursday we were invited to Peggy's garden to draw and paint.  It felt good to see so much greenery...

and lots of shade.

We all look forward to our summer art adventures; drawing and painting somewhere different every week.

I think this little bug felt it was an invasion of his garden place.

A very warm day, but a relaxing one in Peggy's garden.

And for all the gals in my class to see - here's the big cup that Peggy chose in our "white elephant" at the end of the last class.  She filled it nicely, didn't she?

And the morning over, it was time to have lunch and go on to the critique.  Here's Peggy with a drawing of her garden reindeer framed with trees and vines.

Marge's painting of Peggy's grandfather's sawhorse that she has on her deck.

Denise did sunflowers!

Annette's pretty little view with the green chair.

Beautiful flowers by Sandy.

Lois C found this little guy on a bicycle among the flowers.

Another lovely chair composition by Leona.

Pat's sunflower and below a really sweet pen & ink of the Japanese Lanterns.

We had our critique in the gazebo; so nice and comfy.

Here's Lois H's beautiful drawing.  A nice remembrance of the day.

I have always loved Japanese Lanterns and they caught my eye right away.  They have that old-fashioned feeling to me and I love the color changes in them.

So that's where I sat and decided to paint this day.  They just look like a watercolor to me.  They're behind an iron fence, but it was voted that maybe I should leave the fence white as I finish it.

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Laura said...

Beautiful creative art filled day.