Tuesday, August 7, 2012

another warm weekend

Friday, there was some rock painting going on over at Julie's.  Danielle had fun with that!  A caterpillar and a ladybug.

Then the mermaid was in the pool...

the garden fairy was dancing...

the pears are growing...

and the apples multiplying.  Hopefully we can get an apple crisp before the worms do!

And Missy was just enjoying the shade underneath the apple tree; one of her favorite spots to watch for bunnies.


Suz said...

what cute feet
and dont you just love watching a dog chill out?
Julie is sure a good auntie
what gifts they are to each other

Laura said...

Looks as though Julie has a wonderful piece of property. and the crystal clear water..with feet sticking out...love the bug rocks too.