Thursday, September 11, 2008

a day at home

9-11. Seven years ago.
My homework for poetry this time is to write the quietest poem you can possibly write. Today is a day for quietness and so maybe something will come out of that.

I'm home today, and the day at hand is still here though, and I need to make a list. Straighten house, clean "Freddie's" (alias "Jackie") bowl. All this quickly, so that I can get on to collage and crayons. Collages for next week's class. Samples for tomorrow's *Bookfair at Barnes & Noble. Final preparation for Saturday's kids art class at The Center. Catch up with "Artist's Way" reading. And in-between, quiet for that poem.

*The Log Cabin for the Arts is sponsoring a Bookfair at Barnes & Noble, 160 Orland Park Place. Friday, September 12 from 9am - 11pm. Present a voucher, available at The Center, or simply tell them you are from The Center, and The Center will receive 10% of your purchase cost. The art teachers and students will be demonstrating, performing, and displaying their talents all daylong in the cafe' and throughout the store.

Please support The Center on September 12th.

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