Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Yesterday's Labor Day

Julie's scarlet marigolds

Yesterday, Julie and I went to the Frankfort Fall Fest. Browsed around, bought a few treasures, had a brat and a citrus shakeup for old times' sake and that was that. It was so hot! Dripping hot! But...where were all the nasty yellow jackets? Some, but not swarms like past Labor Day weekends. It wasn't that I missed them; just a question in my mind asking what is happening now that is affecting even them?

We found a very pleasant pianist/composer, whose music soothed the sultry day. He is Bradley Joseph. He also has CDs to play for dogs, cats or birds when you leave them home alone. Hey, Doris! May be the answer for "Captain Destructo"! http://www.bradleyjoseph.com/ The CD that I bought is "the journey continues...", soft piano to calm, compose and renew. I must bring it to the next retreat at The Center.

Cleaned "Jackie's" bowl this morning and she was in a bit of a tizzy. After that trauma, I think she is sleeping. Her and I will get used to this. Won't we?


Doris said...

I do like the clip I listened to...love piano, had a virtuoso childhood neighbor I had to wait till she was done practicing before we could go out and play. Captain gets treated to music a lot while I'm gone, keeps them from barking at every tractor that goes down the road. I should check which music I have in on his naughty days!Or just buy Joseph Bradleys cd's and be done with it!

Music Fan said...

Bradley Joseph's music is amazing and his pet music is just an added plus. Enjoy! :)