Saturday, September 6, 2008

Report from the nursery

Besides getting our "Friday" photos, we were also treated to a little progress report on our boy. The breeder says he is a very sweet boy and loves to cuddle. (Perfect for the fall and winter weather approaching.) He was very brave at the vet and the vet fell in love with him, she says.

Everyone here seems anxious to name him. Since he is half golden and half standard poodle, we are thinking of maybe something "french". What do you think about "Henri" or "Louis" (L'wee)?


Marjorie said...

I like Henri!

Laura said...

both sounds good but I have a Louie but was named for the Jungle book big Orangatag (sp) monkey in the Diseny show.
That would be cool if you name him and he knows his name when you pick him up.
so cool that they take picture...

Uta said...

I like both names but thought he looked rather like a Toby. Not French I know. My dog is Jack, how about the French version Jacque hehehe. Andre is nice too. The name will come to you don't worry.