Friday, April 5, 2013

Wednesday's class

I'm still working on finishing my collages from both Wednesday's class (above) and Monday's class (below).  Both visions of Springtime and nature.  Thinking Spring!

Class also worked on some unfinished pieces and in between we did a fun little "lunch bag book".

Here you can see, above Teri's collage, is Carolyn's altered book finished!  And the little lunch bag book, on the far left, ready to be collaged in.

Judy, working hard on finishing her collage and her lunch bag book in front of that.

Maryann's altered book, finished!

Peggy's quote was her last step that she did as a transfer.

Maryann had her beautiful piece all framed and I tried hard to get a photo without reflections from the lights in the room and...

then also tried outside and here the reflections of the trees and lights are interesting, aren't they?  Mysterious...

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