Thursday, August 8, 2013

sweet phlox

I was having dinner guests last night and so I went out to pick some flowers for the table.  The white phlox must enjoy summer because they are always blooming, no matter what, in the hot sun.  Guess I had not brought them in for a long time and the smell of them immediately brought me back to my youth.  I could just picture myself walking down my gangway (do you remember "gangways"?) past the hollyhocks, and down the street, past our neighbors houses with gardens of phlox and pinks sweetening the city air.  Oh!  Carefree youth!
Beyond the phlox, in the area behind our house, a bird must have dropped some butterfly bush seeds because there was a new one blooming with little white butterflies already enjoying it. I only stole a few little blooms and let them have the rest.  And then there's the lovely Queen Anne's Lace. Topped it off with a sprig of lemon verbena and there it was...

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~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

It is perfect! This time of year as the summer is nearing its end, blossoms like this are always so nice to have around!