Tuesday, March 25, 2014

and on Monday...

Cynthia has been working very hard on her spring collage, trying for a "folk art" feel.

A beautiful job, a few more ideas, and it'll be finished in next week's class...
and Mary was getting all her papers prepared and has plans to use some packing material, so can't wait to see how that works!
Meanwhile, look who was raiding the birdfeeder.  Oh, Squirrel-y - I know you're hungry too!
All the critters are coming out.  This is the beautiful bunny who lives under my neighbor's deck.  I get to watch him every day from my window.
Snow again overnight, but spring is coming!


Jan said...

You all do such wonderful work, it is always inspiring to check in to your blog. I have some of that packing material waiting to be used somehow. Interesting stuff.
We have little scampy squirrels here too. Have you seen that video of the squirrel who figures out every tactic to reach the feeder? cute. No such thing as squirrel proof!
Spring has sprung here! Hope it arrives before summer does for you.

Doris said...

Waiting on that spring thing! Been feeding a bunny on my porch this winter. Barking dogs would prevent me from beautiful shots you're getting.