Thursday, May 1, 2014

This week's classes...


Working on our full of "squares" collages, here is Mary
deciding on her placement in Monday's class.
Cynthia's, almost ready for matting and framing.

Sandy, planning in Wednesday's class.


All so different; so interesting!

Then, on Wednesday, we also created some more painted tissue.

Fun and beautiful!


Teri is beginning a new "summer" piece.

and Lora Lee, working on her "Pears".

 and I think my "Spring Thaw" is done...well probably not; I think this is one of those that I'll be adding a little here and there yet.


Gloria said...

Those all came out beautiful! Looks like a fun class to take. :) thanks for sharing!!

Janis Albright said...

All the work is sooo beautiful!