Friday, June 27, 2014

My Little Paper Towel Workshop

The idea here was making small collage pieces, either beach or garden themed.  First painting paper towels with the colors that came to mind for those themes and then cutting them into 1-1/2 inch squares for the color focus of our collages.
An afternoon quickie!

These are my samples, which were mostly beach-y.
Just love the aqua and sand colors this year!

Then the magenta and gold.

 and, card-sized, a bit of a naval theme.

A humid day, it was a challenge to get our paper towels to dry.

Our clothesline.  

and Robin's finished piece.


and Peggy's

Beautiful, ladies!


Robin said...

It was so fun, April! Thank you!

Jan said...

Nice work everyone! Wish we were closer, I like the things you create. Paper towels are fun to utilize and I can hardly bear to toss any out.

april said...

I know! They are one of the best papers!