Thursday, July 17, 2014

A day out

Tuesday, Julie and I had  a lovely day with our friend, Tish.  We went to the movies and saw "Chef" and i loved it!  Some "language" in the beginning, but you get past that and it's a "feel good" story.  Then we came back to Tish's and she made lunch for us.  Salmon patties and mac & cheese...yum!  A
"feel good" lunch.

So while Tish was busy in the kitchen, and her and Julie were talking over recipes, i did my sketchbook skool homework and sketched her kitchen.

Finished it with a little watercolor when i got home.

Here she is.

Kandi is looking for the birds.

Driving home, the sky was so dramatic.  We thought we'd run into a thunderstorm, but it didn't happen.

What a nice day!

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Laura said...

Beautiful all the way around.