Sunday, September 28, 2014

The Bunny

Today's drawing was supposed to be what excites me...nature, of course!

 This neighborhood bunny caused much excitement yesterday though, when Mark had Henri out beyond the backyard to play with Wrigley.  He had him on the long leash so that there would be no escaping, but, in a flash, Henri heard or spotted the bunny and off he flew with Mark chasing behind!  Caught him!  And thank goodness, the bunny was faster than Henri.  Whew!


Suz said...

phew is right....does he like kitties?

april said...

All I know is that he is not fond of bunnies and squirrels. Birds seem to be okay.

Gloria said...

Hi April,
Henri could be related to our dog Rocky. Our neighbor had a bunny that they were keeping near our fence line, Rocky was pretty obsessed about trying to get through that fence to get the little guy. Rocky doesn't like cats either. Anything that is soft and furry and runs away from him!
I love your bunny painting. Very realistic, detailed, and whimsical! Beautiful!!!
I hope you are having a happy Monday. hugs...Gloria