Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The Art Show

Sunday was our annual art show at The Center...

Rain coming, they said, but it sort of held off for most of the day...

so lots of friendly faces ventured out.

 Here's Denise, our quilting teacher, with her colorful pieces to sell.

And we even had a book signing with author, Nancy Gee,  and illustrator, Raye Ann Saunoris.  A wonderful children's book, "The Secret Drawer".

My display by the piano...

Here's some...

a Winter Collage

an Autumn Collage

and a watercolor saying "Happy Thanksgiving"!

and my little Treasure Boxes


Suz said...

oh no! I thought it was this weekend
But I have been rather distracted.
.so sorry I missed it, April

Laura said...

What a wonderful exhibit and presentations.