Monday, December 15, 2014

Christmas festivities

Lots going on in the month of December!

Last Tuesday was "The Little House On The Prairie Christmas Party" Luncheon.   We had a wonderful speaker, Janet Pawlicki, who told us about Laura Ingalls Wilder and the Christmas traditions and life on the prairie.

I helped Lois and Jill with the Christmas crafts...

and I know that the ladies who came in for them had fun!
Star Ornaments and Cranberry Hearts

Yarn Dolls

I showed them an easy weaving project.

Evergreen Cornucopias 

Gift Tags

and a lovely little piece framed with twigs
"I am beginning to learn that
it is the sweet simple things of life
which are the real ones after all."
Laura Ingalls Wilder

Then, on Friday, it was off to Maryann's annual Christmas dinner...

 and especially yummy, it is!

Photos somewhat blurry...

and blurrier yet with all the excitement of the grab bag game!

 Lois won the package with the pretty bird decoration on top...

but I got the beautiful quilted book bag, just perfect for the new journal I am doing.

and here we are, all still friends after fighting over the packages!

Sunday, Julie and I went to see "Camelot" at Drury Lane.  Dinner at Antico Posto and it was all wonderful!

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Gloria said...

Hi April,
It looks like you are having a fun and beautiful December. :) Love your gift, very pretty and sweet!
Merry Christmas to you and your family.
Hugs, Gloria