Saturday, February 21, 2015

February's No Excuses Journaling

 I'm settling in to what are my favorite pages to do in my journal for "No Excuses Journaling".  Of course, the first one is the "collage" page...and it may not be finished as I sometimes keep adding to my pages...or it might be.  March is knocking...
(p.s. if Marge Duff is looking, I had to make a copy of her pretty pink house valentine to put in here.)

And this is the "daily" journal page, showing the color (you feel) for the day, a line or so about the day, and the weather of the day.  Three little things to note, even if you don't have time to do much else.

A page to do for the month showing "colors" of the month, "words" of the month, and a small "collage" of the month.

And a "Writing" page.  Using a watercolor splash background, I lettered one of my Mom's favorite Valentine cookie recipes (given to her from my cousin, Joanne).

This page is called your "peeks".  A tiny pen&ink and watercolor painting for each week of the month.
Peggy brought in some lovely lemons from her son's in California and they were pretty enough to paint and I wanted to remember them.  Next, I love chickens and so found a photograph of these in a magazine and used them for my watercolor.  This past third week, had to paint our neighborhood squirrel cuddling up in my front tree after he was done munching on the bird's suet.

And this page, done on the other side of the watercolor paper is watercolor swatches of the colors of the month, with lettering of words, definitions, phrases meaningful for that month.

A Grid page.  A square a day to fill in with some small design or word for the month.

A fun journal!

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