Monday, March 16, 2015


My husband had a little stay in the hospital (7 days) and I stayed with him...and we are happy to be back home!  I had my journal with me, so that helped me keep track of the days and what went on...

My March Collage.  Time change; the trees are still bare; but trying to put spring in my step!

A few colors of the month, words of the month and a little collage.

Brent's birthday...26!

Love doing the little weather report.

I saw those little colored hippopotamus in the hospital gift shop and then found one in a magazine.  They were quite pricey, so this one will do; just to remember them.

And two weeks of "Peeps", the little line drawings with watercolor added.  
This kept me occupied while my hubby was sleeping...

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Laura said...

Beautiful April and good to hear you are both home...resting and healing.
Go easy as you both get ready to get back into the world...make changes where need be..