Thursday, August 27, 2015

Journaling and finishing up August...almost

Some weeks feel so full of things to think about...

and then there's just days

and relaxing with little watercolors

and more drama.  (didn't actually lose my teeth, but have to wear a retainer until I get my implant) And another "spill" and an "angel" that was in the aisle with me (same age) said 
"yes, we have to focus". 

Reduced a little "No Excuses Watercolor" I did to remember when.

This month's theme is "the sea" and I found lots of inspiring quotes for that.

A special outing; friends since the 50's

An old drawing that seemed to go with this poem

and a mandala with this one.

Had to make note of the spider I see each early morning when i take Henri out.  I call her "Charlotte" (that's her in the upper left hand corner) and it's a good thing i saw that movie with Danielle.  Sure makes me tolerate seeing spiders!  The drawings of the web explanation are not mine, but from a spider site.  Loved them!



Jan said...

I have enjoyed stopping by here and seeing what you are up to. I love using quotes and poetry in my work too. You always give me inspiration when I view your beautiful work!

Robin said...

Such beautiful pages!