Saturday, March 6, 2010

More ink blowing

Last night Danielle and Aunt Julie did some ink blowing. Aunt Julie was going to her book club, so they made some bookmarks for her to take to her friends. Today Danielle has the stomach flu!


Robin said...

Aaaaawwwwww!!! I hope the flu doesn't last long!! It must be going around lately!! I hope you don't catch it April! Beautiful bookmarks!!!

butterfly woman said...

Love the ink blowing. It is so playful and the results have almost a japanese feel to them.
Sending Danielle some healing thoughts across the miles!

Audrey said...

I hope Danielle is feeling better. The ink blowing is facinating. Do you just use regular ink and paper. Or is it an artist's secret?

april said...

I hope I don't get it too, Robin. But it'll be a real miracle if I don't.

I love it too, Bev. Thanks for thinking of Danielle.

Thanks Audrey! And no secret about the ink. We used sumi ink at the art retreat, but I just used India ink with Danielle and her poster paints. The paints just have to be juicy enough. Add water. And just any kind of straws. Experiment - put the drop where you want the design to start and blow, from below if you want it to travel up. Then just keep blowing at the wet spots. Try blowing straight on, if you want a blooming spidery effect.

Doris said...

Just lovely! I'm sure Danielle is back on the road recovered, how are you?