Friday, March 12, 2010


Mark is still sick, but getting better, and I'm still hoping to escape it. That flu! Dan and Danielle stopped by after preschool and I went out to the car to say "hello". When going back into the house, I spoke to these magnolia buds waiting.....or they spoke to me.


Suz said...

Oh Markis sick...oh so sorry I hope it isn't the flu
I never get sick..but this year it got me
I had the cough for over a month
rest April and fluids....really

april said...

Oh yes - the flu. First Danielle. Then Mark. Now Rich. No cough, just all the other unfavorable symptoms that go along with stomach flu.

Audrey said...

Can I catch the flu via computer? I was down Friday night and all day yesterday. Today I feel a little human.