Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Holiday projects

I'm getting "itchy"...  I have so much to show you and with my computer being sick, I now have a new program in it and I must wait for the kids to program my camera into it (or whatever they have to do) so I can download pictures again.  These are ones that I took before so they are already there.  I sure had fun making these.  They are called "mug rugs".  Denise showed us how to make these in quilting class.  While you are sitting with your coffee or tea and cookies, this is what you use.  You put your cup on the right side and your cookies on the left striped side.  I made some for little Christmas gifts and the binding gave me a headache, but hopefully I am getting better at it.  The first recipients were my "guinnea pigs". 

I had fun choosing fabric that reminded me of coffee...

and tea