Thursday, December 1, 2011

Still celebrating

My "club girls" took me out to dinner for my birthday the other night and we had wonderful food at Luby's in Tinley Park.  And look at this celebration dessert!  One candle?  hmmmmmmmmm.

Me and my friends of 55 years!  They're just like sisters to me; a wonderful thing to have such special friends this long.  Oh, and see my pretty necklace?  A most beautiful gift from my very special cousin Joanne and family in Maryland!


nacherluver said...

What a gorgeous group of ladies! You all look lovely. What fun! You deserve to feel that special because you are! I'm happy for you.

Jan said...

A very special celebration! That dessert looks delicious! What a beautiful gathering, congratulations.

Ann said...

April..Happy Belated Natal Anniversary!!!!! you all look to be having such a wonderful time! i think it's so awesome that all of you have remained friends and still see each other after all these years. I am lucky enough to have stayed in touch with a couple of friends..but to get together with them is another story..wish i could,but distance prevents!