Thursday, May 16, 2013

An artsy week

My granddaughter, Danielle, had a head cold the beginning of this week and had to be off school, so she was with me on Monday and Tuesday.  We collaged!  She has done collage with me before, but this was the first time she asked to use a canvas and I also let her use the matte medium.  I wanted her to have her own idea and so she decided she wanted to do a garden. 

Picking papers from my stash, she began her sky and grass.

I showed her how to use sandpaper and stencils to distress magazine pages and she created this tree.
After putting down some darker blue tissue in the sky, that she really liked, she decided she didn't like it after all and so...

softened it with a lighter blue and added a bird bath.  It's wonderful, Danielle!

I worked along with her on mine.

Not quite done yet.  Then on to Wednesday, in my class...

Bernie's landscape is finishing beautifully.

Sandy's wonderful pasta dish!

Lora Lee's lily pond is ready for the lily.

Marge's piece, using some of the botanical prints that we made at Luce's workshop.  Pretty!

Peggy (above) and Carolyn (below) began working on their artist trading cards for our exchange next week at the last class of the session.

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