Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Still partying...

I'm still thinking about the weekend and our anniversary celebration, so thought I'd continue with a few more pictures.  Here is the beautiful cake that Angel made, patterned after my original wedding cake.  A beautiful surprise!

The "cutting of the cake" copied after the wedding picture that I showed you in my last post.

And here is me and my son, Dan, dancing to the CD he made for us, that I also told you about in my last post.  He played the music and sang Sam Cook's "You Send Me". (don't forget to go back onto my page on Facebook to hear him sing!  Another beautiful surprise!

And going back earlier in the evening to dinner at Gibson's, me and Rich.  Did someone clink a glass?

Mark, Rob and Julie.  (Danielle and Kassidy are over in there somewhere.)

and Brent.

Dan and Angel.


and my "mystery guest" that Julie surprised me with  picking up on the way to the restaurant, my best friend, JoAnn.  We have been friends for 58 years...


nacherluver said...

Oh April! What a happy celebration! Happy Anniversary and a big congrats to the happy couple.


Ann said...

Sam Cook's "You Send Me"...how perfect!!!! such a romantic,marvelous song!!
congratulations!!! looks like you had a spectacular celebration!!!
you and your husband are a beautiful couple!!!