Thursday, September 5, 2013

Class begins!

Preparing for some masterpieces, we stained papers yesterday in my collage class.  Everyone was so happy to see one another - a wonderful thing, to have fun!

We'll decorate those papers next week and then the real fun begins! 


Suz said...

wow it looks like you have a full class! yeah!
this morning I hauled out my collage stuff
to sort and destroy
...and I fell in love again with papers....
fatal disease

april said...

Ha! No destroying allowed!!! Yes, it's "paper fatale" that "charms and ensnares her lovers in bonds of irresistible desire, often leading them into compromising and dangerous situations" - like the endless collecting of papers!

Suz said...

it's I am on a mission to purge
to much stuff....
So I have cleaning out the garage this past week and I found 2..2! bins of paper...oh sickypoo
So I made the mistake of looking through it..hoping to shrink my stash..which I did
But I have a big itch to make valentines and cards..
I can't do that...I need to keep going and ridding myself of stuff found some nice fall papers bye