Friday, October 4, 2013

This week's class

The homework for Wednesday's collage class was to create a collage in their sketchbooks using complementary colors.  I chose blue and orange.

Teri's is red and green.  So interesting!

Denise's orange and blue and...

Barb also chose those colors.  We were all thinking the same this week.

Then on to work on our collages.  Peggy's (above) is complete.  Beautiful!  I will give you their titles next week, when all are done.

Lora Lee also completed two beauties using some of the papers she made when we did monoprints, above and below.

Teri, working here: trying different subtle papers.

Barb's exciting background and now deciding on her focal point.

Judy's been traveling, but got inspiration going with those beautiful blue papers that she made at the beginning of this session.

Marge has two lovely nature-colored pieces going here.

Sandy is almost finished with her beautiful collage; using some of her own artwork, adding this wonderful border and now a few small additions.

Love Bernie's treatment of the figure in her piece; so lively and interesting!

And can't wait to see Karen's colorful "eye" finished.

Lora Lee beginning a new one!

Denise's very exciting abstract!

In between working on our collages, Marge showed us how to make our own stamps out of foam sheets.  Everyone loved that!

Happy Fall!

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