Saturday, January 18, 2014


Last Saturday was Laura's Bookbinding Workshop in Naperville.  We were so excited to make this book and the Coptic Stitch.  I have done this stitch once or twice before, but if you don't continue to practice it, you lose it.

This time I am determined to learn and continue doing it.  I do journal all the time and am tired of buying plain ol' boring journals.  I want to do it from scratch!  I love journaling and everyone in the family knows, when they want to know when something happened, to ask Mom.  So first we collaged the covers with papers we brought.  I had ones that I already had prepared with polymer so I was ready to iron on!

It was a really nice group and everyone was very excited!  The morning hours were spent creating the designs on our covers and in the afternoon, we sewed. 

Laura did a wonderful job of explaining every step.

Mine and Marge's all done!  Yay!

Here is the bookbinding cradles that Laura's husband made for the class to mark their signatures easily.

And here are some of the finished ones.  Missed getting pictures of a few before some of the class left.

Everyone was so happy with their books...thank you, Laura for a wonderful and successful day!

Whenever I make a little book, I am always hesitant about writing in it.  You know, the "blank page" syndrome.  Well, I decided I was going to begin with this one the very next day after the workshop.  My current journal was at the end, and this would be the start of my new one.  Now to continue on and prepare another while the instructions are in my brain...


Robin said...

They are so beautiful! I wish I had gone! And I LOVE your printing April!!

Doris said...

I have a hard time fearing a mistake in such pretty journals. Would love to take this workshop someday.