Thursday, January 23, 2014

this week's collages

Trying a painted background this week, I painted the taped down watercolor paper with acrylic, letting it completely dry, and then painting over it with a darker color and, while it is still wet, with a circular motion and a paper towel, rubbing off a desired amount of paint, leaving a lovely dark halo around the edges.  I used Payne's Gray mixed with White for the first coat and full-strength Payne's Gray for the second.

These backgrounds reminded me of the winter colors that I am seeing this freezy month.

For this one, I think I used Burnt Sienna and Payne's Gray.

Monday's class made the gesso'd tissue papers first and then on to trying out those backgrounds.

A coat of white gesso on Art Tissue Paper, using a soft rubber brayer, drying, and then a coat of acrylic on top of that, hitting, at time, the high points of the gesso'd paper, drying, and then another color of acrylic, controlling the pressure and again hitting the high points or places of your choice.

Like this!

Wednesday's class had all their papers ready to go and also tried the painted background as an additional choice.

Here, I have begun my collage with the painted background, a distressed paper window frame that I found and replaced the panes with the paper we made last week.  Again, I had used Arches Text Wove, black gesso, dry, white gesso and while wet lay saran wrap on top and with fingers create some pinches and lines in it, leave for about 20 minutes or so, and gently peel off while still wet.  Makes this frosty look.

Perfect for frosty window panes.

I have just started the trees in front with the masking tape paper that we also made last week.  Also using Arches Text Wove and applying raggedly ripped pieces of masking tape leaving paper show also, and then painting with acrylic washes.  I think it works well for trees and buildings.

Everyone seems to have an idea from the list of themes that I gave them and is ready to get started.

Barb's beautiful blue background creates a mysterious start.

Lora Lee very pretty snowy start using some white gesso'd bags.

Peggy had a beautiful idea in mind and worked on it during the week.  Almost done!


Suz said...

oh Peggy!

Elena said...

Oh so cool to see you all! Beautiful creations.

Doris said...

Love that frosty look! So much warmth in that studio, wish I were there!

nacherluver said...

Looking at all that wonderful art and a peek into the creative process has put a smile on my face this cold, cold evening. Thank you for that!

Laura said...

Your pushing everyone to expand...great teacher.

Cynthia Grzych said...

I love seeing all the beautiful creations!! What a talented group!

april said...

Thank you all - it's so much fun! and Cynthia! There you are!