Tuesday, July 26, 2011

the color of sheep

Getting my sheep cards ready for packaging, I am reminded of the day I took this photograph at the County Fair.  I fell in love with these sheep.  I do hand-color this card, because the color is so subtle, it can hardly be seen - it just adds life.  So subtle, you can hardly tell.  Do you know the colors of sheep?  French GreyRose PinkPale Rose....and Sahara Desert for the hay in the background. 

As I color them, they become real again.  I'm back to that day.  I can feel the softness of their wool.  I can feel them breathe.  I see their ears twitch...their eyes blink at me...

I can feel the warmth of the stall.  I can smell the hay.

I had won a blue ribbon for this photograph when I entered it at the Fair that year.
I named it "Comfort Me".
I can't remember what kind of sheep they were, but I think maybe Rambouillet. 
Just so sweet.


Laura said...

Oh April so beautiful

Marjorie said...

The photo is wonderful!

MB said...

I don't know which is more beautiful, the photo or the drawing! Love them both! Are you going to sell the notecards somewhere?

april said...

Sure, there are lots of sheep lovers that like that one.