Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Lucious Lunch

With Julie home for the summer, it's cooking, cooking, cooking!  Yesterday Danielle and I went over for lunch.  Danielle squeezed the lemons...

Lots of them...are you puckering?

for lucious fresh lemonade.

I grated the cheese and sliced the mushrooms, and Julie made the pizzas.  Pam Anderson's homemade crust
and Martha Stewart's tomato sauce.

They were so good! 


jot30 said...

oh my. i am drooling. i must try that pizza. it is so nice that 3 generations are cooking together.

Ann said...

what a delightful day you had!!
the pizza looks so good..and the lemonade so refreshing,esp. with the mint sprig floating on top!!

Laura said...

So great to make it from scratch and it looks so yummy!