Sunday, July 31, 2011

a good thing

Below is a letter that I would like you to read from  a favorite blog of mine .  I hope you have gone there; it's on my list of "blogs to know".  Always, his writings hit home.  Warm your heat.  Make you laugh out loud!  And I hope you will join me in supporting the circulation of his wonderful reflections.

Dear Readers,

In the 2 1/2 year life of this blog, I have never made a commercial appeal. I have never asked you to buy anything. I don't even allow ads on this blog. I have been entirely happy providing a small bit of entertainment for the appreciative comments and emails I receive.

The other day I received an email from Scott Cramer at Northern Sun ( Scott is one of America's more admirable entrepreneurs, having built Northern Sun from a kitchen table enterprise to one of the country's leading novelty companies. Scott proposed using two of my items (including the "Enjoy the little things..." saying at the top of this page) as bumper stickers. I authorized his use of the items but suggested that "Enjoy the little things ..." might work better as as a notecard or on stationery. I also suggested that a 2012 "Enjoy the little things..." calendar might be well-received -- or, indeed, a 2012 calendar illustrating a Robert Brault saying each month.

Scott is considering my proposal, and this post, plain and simply, is an appeal to my readers to help him along in the consideration. If you would drop an email to Scott (, expressing your interest in a set of "Enjoy the little things..." notecards or a Robert Brault calendar, I would be much obliged. And if you copy me to the email (, I will be make a note that I owe you one.

Thank you all -- and smiles,


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Robert Brault said...

April, this is really generous of you. Thank you.