Monday, October 1, 2012

a bridal shower

One of friend's son is getting married and yesterday was the bridal shower.  A family member is the baker and look at the wonderful cake that she created!  The groom is a policeman and the bride is a physician's assistant.  Don't you just love those little people!  And I love the fall colors.

Beautiful cupcakes and some were hazelnut!  yum!  I was lucky enough to sit next to the "baker" and I am sending her my mom's delicious chocolate cupcake recipe. "Grandma Gert's Chocolate Cupcakes"!  Maybe someday they'll be famous!

The tables were so pretty!  Our friend, the mother of the groom, did the lovely centerpieces and...I had the lucky ticket at our table that won one to take home!  The bride and groom to-be have been sweethearts since high school and I know it's going to be a beautiful wedding!


Laura said...

Lovely... and it seems cupcakes are the theme..Hazelnut at that..

José Ramón said...

April admirable is a pleasure going through your blog.
Greetings from text and Reflection Abstraction