Thursday, October 18, 2012

Wednesday's class

Finishing up our "The Power of Words" pieces, this phrase from a poem inspired mine.

the softly warbled song
comes through the pleasant woods,
and colored wings
are glancing in the golden sun along
the forest openings.

Lora Lee is working on building up her butterfly for the focal point of her collage.

Caroline is concentrating on music and will still be adding a center of attraction on top to pull her collage together.

Barb is finishing up what is going to be a gift for a bride.

Sandy is deciding on one of her tree sketches to be over the moon.

Denise's brilliant colors.

and Peggy's lovely fall piece.

I will be noting everyone's "words" that inspired their pieces as these will be among the display in January at the Palos Heights Public Library.

Then, for fun, we just had to do some Halloween cards.  Unfinished is mine, above. Next week, they will all be finished and printed as we will have an exchange in class.  Below are some of the ones the class is working on.

What fun!

and just had to show you the beautiful "nest" that Carolyn made for this lucky little pumpkin!

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Laura said...

wonderful April...What great fun you are all having and some really amazing piece are emerging.