Monday, October 8, 2012

the weekend

Brought my nasturtium in from outdoors.  One of my favorite flowering plants, it had struggled to bloom all summer and now, inside, it is blooming like crazy.  I don't know if you can keep it alive indoors or not.  Will have to google that question.

After church yesterday, the kids came over for lunch.  We got yummy sandwiches from Italia Imports and then even had dessert.  Banana Creme Pie that Angel made; a belated birthday "cake" for hubby.  His birthday during the summer, but we never got to celebrate.  This, his favorite pie!  Was worth the wait!

Then on to the tasks of the day.  Added some weedy transfers to my collage that I hope to finish today.  Last night, I dreamed of more flying leaves around the edges.  When i go to bed thinking of something like that, the answer comes in the morning.

And only 72 more squares to go to finish this tablecloth for my Thanksgiving table with all the leafs?/leaves? in.  Apparently a lot of people are confused about that spelling.  Googled it and the plural is leaves. (just in case you needed to know)  It really started out as a small Halloween tablecloth or runner, but I got hooked on doing this "strip" quilting and so it grew!

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